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The SecuraTrac® line of mobile health and safety solutions include a line of small devices that are easily worn on the wrist, ankle or around the neck or fit into pockets, work bags, or backpacks. All of our solutions use the global positioning system (GPS) satellites and the mobile phone networks to pinpoint the device’s location and report it back to the SecuraTrac network.

Parents, caregivers, adult children of seniors now have the comfort of knowing that they can find their loved ones should they lose their way or need help. Our devices have also been shown to work well for those who care for the elderly particularly those with Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other conditions associated with memory loss. In addition to loved ones, SecuraTrac products work well for tracking anything that is important to you including your pets, cars, and luggage. Here are some common customer uses of our products - common applications.


Your global GPS locators report their locations to you automatically on pre-set intervals. These intervals vary with the activity of hte person or asset their are with. For example, when in motion the device will automatically report its location more frequently (every 3 to 5 minutes) and when the device is motion-less it will report less frequently (every 60 minutes) in order to conserve the battery and match its reporting level with its activity level. All of our products arrive ready-to-use. Finding your loved ones with SecuraTrac is easy and can be done from your mobile phone using a personalized, secure website.

SecuraTrac products proactively and automatically notify you and as many contacts as you want to add, when they leave pre-defined boundaries or SecuraFences. These fences are setup with just as little as one click of your mouse and your first SecuraFence comes pre-set based on your home address. You can add as many SecuraFences as you like.

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How it Works

1 SecuraTrac devices monitor their location using a network of GPS satellites.

2SecuraTrac will notify you and other designated people of its location at regular intervals or when configured thresholds are breached such as low battery alerts, speed alerts and more.

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